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Don’t Let The Weight Of The Books Pull You Down

If you’re a seventeen year old Indian and are reading this, you along with me and lakhs of other students across the subcontinent are trying to while away time during one of the most critical period of our academic lives, our BOARDS. I won’t even bother explaining the huge idiotic importance given to them in …


Smart Guy With Just A Phone

NOTE: This article was written by me for Whackk( You know that one tiny little strand which holds your life together while bonding and structuring your entire universe? Chances are you’re not thinking about what I am thinking, because screw love, I was talking about that smartphone you own and in a 33% probability, are …


The Agnostic Atheist or The Deist? A Take On Religion,Faith and God

As I sit writing this article, I’m slightly dazzled. In a matter of mere hours, my convictions, my beliefs and in essence my religious outlooks have been defined and changed. Sometimes, all of us live our lives believing that our perspectives are unique and non contextual for the world. To a great extent, my religious …