Last night I woke up

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Last night I woke up,
and stared at her face.
I woke up,
and she stared back.

I woke up and saw her face,
delicate and soft like wax,
the melting suspended,
the beauty haunting.

I woke up and saw her smile,
warm, reassuring and yet eery,
the mystery troubling,
Yet the enigma calming.

I woke up and saw her eyes,
Deeper than the shallowest pools,
Shallower than the deepest oceans,
the charm inviting,
the fear cautioning.

I woke up and saw her hands,
resting perfectly on mine,
feeling finally at home,
right where they belong,
and somehow where they belong not.

I woke up and saw her lips,
softly kissing mine,
I opened my eyes and counted the freckles,
The feeling enchanting,
The emotion pure.

I rubbed my eyes,
and the illusion broke.
I smiled, and waited.
Waited for the phone to ring,
but it never did.

Was it an eternity that passed,
or a second prolonged?
I turned and shut my eyes,
The phone rang, and her voice echoed.
The smile returned, the night had begun.

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