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Circe by Madeline Miller

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan Suppression has always been a tool of the powerful. But understanding power dynamics is not as easy as this statement. Humans have reviled in stratification throughout their existence, and have always found traits to discriminate on. Gender, caste, class, race, religion, language…the list is endless. Perhaps that’s why the any piece …


Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan Human beings perhaps have a penchant for self-sabotaging. It is easy to surmise that the cognitive revolution transformed us from just another species in the wild into a incredulous collection of beings capable of a collective imagination that created nations and currency and literally every marvel of technology that you …


The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan Throughout history, men have judged women, prided themselves in their dominance over them and have written literature to assert the validity of the same. The more mythology I read, I realised somehow women were always painted as the unwitting villains, the cause of great wars. Never has the phrase “The …