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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan The strange nature of art that continues to baffle both creators and connoisseurs is the fact that more often than not, some of the artist’s most widely spanned, criticised and even hated work, is often one that is deeply personal, and oddly satisfying. This is the first Murakami non-fiction book …


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan The beauty of reading is the fact that often a reader will end up interpreting something larger, something personal from an author’s work, with absolutely no intention on the writer’s part. More so than ever for non-fiction work, which is largely deemed to be non-interpretative and instructional, rather than embracing …


So All is Peace by Vandana Singh-Lal

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan This article is done in collaboration with Cafes and Cities, and the entire article (this is just an excerpt) can be found here Digesting emotions from a clinical perspective is an arduous task, but a deeply revealing one. Although it appears strange and rather inhumane to analyse feelings, and extreme …

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Suspected Poems by Gulzar (Translated by Pavan Varma)

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan I have found myself pondering over the weight of words quite a lot lately. Quite literally, each letter that strings together to make a word, every delightful ‘s’ of plurality or every possessive apostrophe, makes me marvel at the beauty of the written, and even spoken, word. In that context, …