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Worth It

Suspected Poems by Gulzar (Translated by Pavan Varma)

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan I have found myself pondering over the weight of words quite a lot lately. Quite literally, each letter that strings together to make a word, every delightful ā€˜sā€™ of plurality or every possessive apostrophe, makes me marvel at the beauty of the written, and even spoken, word. In that context, …


Manto: Selected Short Stories translated by Aatish Taseer

Originally posted on Kitabi Karwan A name that evokes perhaps the most quintessential idea of a writer from the pre-partition era. I had never read any work by a writer from the galaxy of stars generated in the Indian subcontinent during the early 20th century. This seemed to be a good place to start. Depicting …