Puppets Of Insurgence

Puppets of InsurgenceThe Chhattisgarh government had on Sundays asked security forces to scale down ‘proactive‘ anti-Naxal operations and remain ‘low key in the region. So read a Page 13 article from the Times of Indians Mumbai Edition dated Tuesday, April 24, 2012. In wake of the Maoist led kidnapping of Alex Paul Menon(Sukma district collector),the report further points out although the hostages location has been narrowed down by the help of UAVs, the government still refuses to intimate a crackdown and instead citing Indians peaceful nature, called upon Maoists to negotiate their demands. What has me in uproar is the idiotic but still being implemented notion of carrying out negotiations and actually accepting the demands of a group that has been labelled as “Insurgents”, “Non State Actors” and a threat to internal security by the central as well as multiple state governments.
Puppets of InsurgenceHas our nation lost its passion et zeal with which we attained freedom? Are we so weak that we actually have to release prisoners who were legally guilty just because we, let’s say, “Lack the balls” to carry out a crackdown and end this once and for all? What the government doesn’t realise is that if negotiations and acceptance of demands happens, the Maoists won’t stop such covert operations. Rather, it would be the success of such operations which shall spawn several such situations in the future. India, with its immensely massive population, is in no terms in shortage of security forces (Army, Police etc.) We have the manpower, we have a specific area to target and we outmatch the insurgents in a ratio of 1:2.So why don’t we act? Upto last year, I would have answered this question by saying “The government doesn’t care for its civilians”. However, the kidnapping of a district collector and a MLA signifies an attack on an integral part of the government. Still all we do is hold meetings in plush air conditioned rooms and leather chairs, decide to co-operate with terrorists and basically do nothing.
I sincerely believe that it’s high time our government, in Barney Stinson’s words, “Suits up!” and wipe out the insurgent forces to actually give us a reason to place our hopes in them. I would like to end by citing a similar global situation in the past. In response to the Munich Massacre (Capture and eventual killing of multiple Israeli sportsmen) during the 1972 Olympics, Israel had initiated Operation Spring of Youth and Operation Wrath Of God (Both were to systematically track down and kill suspects) instead of ceding to the demands (release of 234 Palestinian prisoners). All I hope is that India takes inspiration from its second largest military partner, and responds in a fitting tit for tat.

Puppets of Insurgence

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3 comments on “Puppets Of Insurgence

  1. Nice take, I couldn't agree more that India and the government needs to be more aggressive, not just in internal matters but external affairs as well if it wants to be considered a superpower. However, in this particular case, don't you think that an aggressive attack to free the collector also catch us on wrong foot and may backfire in some manner ?


  2. Soumitra B. says:

    Good job.
    I think labelling them as 'terrorists' is incorrect. It's unfortunate, but a large number of them are tribals who turned to arms due to the sustained indifference on part of the government towards their territory, resources, way of life.

    We would lose a lot of face if we move about with 'cleansing' type operations, and will give more motivation to groups like the Ulfa.

    Comparing Israeli action is not accurate. These people are our own nationals.


  3. I believe that people trying to protest via non peaceful means should be, if not eliminated, at least captured. I do not suggest a cleansing, rather a mass arrest. Via the Israeli action I just wanted to emphasize the nature of that nation's actions against terrorists or rebels employing illegal means


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