The Black and White Rainbow

A Poem About A Person Who Reaches The Zenith Of Life But At Huge Costs
Drizzling across the gray sky,
Each drop resembles a person shy,
But from far below, All I see is
The Black and White Rainbow

Damp, wet and dry at the same time,
I regret crossing the line
Crimson tears are now all that flow,
All I see is The Black and White Rainbow

In my zeal for the peak, I never saw,
the last cries of family and friends, hurt by my own paw.
Desolate, pathetic and low,
All I see is The Black and White Rainbow

Maybe I’ll have another chance
And colours will perhaps again dance.
Possibly I’ll see the beautiful one again,
But this I know, All I see is The Black and White Rainbow Javascript Disabled

7 comments on “The Black and White Rainbow

  1. vishesh says:

    Nice work done buddy ….. keep adding and always send me d links I really liked them all 🙂


  2. Arpit Arora says:

    hey !! very nicely moulded, and presented!! keep it up ..
    br- arpit arora


  3. Anonymous says:

    nice one 🙂 i really liked this one..


  4. Apurva Gupta says:

    beautifully written…gud work


  5. Love this, and the whole idea of you having hope inspite of going through terrible dark times. Its good that you dont lose hope! However, i would have liked it better if you had, towards the end not regretted it, and instead of you JUST hoping you''ll see colours, you should've specified moving on in life. Everything that happens has a meaning, it happens for a reason and teaches you something so why call something 'dark times' or give it the colour grey??


  6. The simplicity here is really amazing 🙂 Good work !


  7. Simplicity at it'z best!
    Keep up the good work bro!


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