Soni Sori-Justice Forgotten

A woman’s fight against violence, abuse and in all its essence, society has always been a war against patriarchy. We would be foolish in saying that the structure of our society is equally balanced. Although women are the heads to the tails of our coin, they have never been given the respect, the value and truly the love they deserve.
The question here is not about the statistics. All of us know that they are shocking enough. The point here arises is WHY? Why doesn’t this stop? Although the past few years have seen a remarkable rise in awareness about female rights and this entire topic at hand, disturbing occurrences still destroy our beliefs as the fantastical world shatters.  Some of the incidents are simply disgusting, horrifying and in the crudest of terms, makes one want to puke. Despite the guaranteeing of women rights by International laws, women still continue to be treated as third class citizens in a second class world.
One of the most disturbing cases I have come across is that of Soni Sori. Soni Sori is a simple adivasi schoolteacher from Chattisgarh, India. A small rehash, Chattisgarh is notorious for its Naxal activities. Sori along with her nephew was arrested and sent to Raipur jail in October 2011. Ignoring the frivolous and ridiculous charges framed against her, Soni Sori was sexually abused and tortured by the police force. To elaborate on the brutal, inhumane violation of her human rights, let me inform you of the QUESTIONING methods used by the police. She was electrocuted on multiple occasions with wires being connected to her bare toes. She was stripped naked and was made to answer questions while police officers, including the Superintendent of Police, Ankit Garg leered at her. He forced her to stand naked while he sat on a chair and abused her in filthy terms. After this, he sent in three police men to sexually assault her which went on for hours. No one knows what happens and many dismiss this as allegations, a known fact is that after finding Sori in a near comatose state, she was taken to Kolkata Medical College where doctors removed STONES from her vagina and rectum. It appalls me and disgusts me that the Indian Police Force is run by such sick and disgusting bastards!
Reading Soni Sori’s Letter From Prison
This is not the entire story. Despite such horrendous acts, Ankit Garg received the Police Medal for Gallantry from the President of India in 2012. To answer strong protests, all the police had to offer was “The Sori case is a different matter”. Yeah, it’s like saying let a person nab a goon and murder or rape a few women but wait! We DO need to reward him for grabbing the goon right? Also, Sori is a mother. She has three children. Imagine their plight. Imagine her husband’s plight. Thanks to a spirited letter by about 250 famed activists to the Prime Minister on 30 April 2012, Soni was taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for treating her horrendous injuries.
Sadly, Sori is still in prison. In a battle of getting FDI, the government has failed to make Internal Direct Investment. Women grovel, as our minstrels cry. Tehelka, a hardcore journalism magazine, started an online campaign to guarantee justice for Soni. The links are attached below. Please do your bit and help. I hope we change. Soon, Fast and Now. Javascript Disabled


12 comments on “Soni Sori-Justice Forgotten

  1. Aditi Pathak says:

    Never imagined that in this country where people worship female avatars of God, educated people on good post can do such a bad act!


  2. Anupam Patra says:

    Signed the petition.

    Thank You for bringing this to our notice.

    I'll now repost your entire post in my blog (crediting you of course). I'm sure you wouldn't mind.

    Thanks again.


  3. L says:

    as I always say,ours is most hypocrite society in the see anywhere and you will observe the same thing!


  4. Not at all Anupam. It's nice to see other bloggers help in sharing the message 🙂


  5. Thanks Sid for bringing this to our notice!


  6. can't imagine the kind of people who do all this, don't they ever feel guilty for what they do ? they should be severly punished.Thanks for this post


  7. Hmmmpf says:

    just read this for the first time…too numbed to react …sickened


  8. Soma says:

    I want to die……after reading this….


  9. Sarah says:

    Heartrending! Cruelty, injustice, hypocrisy and inhumanity went beyond imaginations. I am all tears after reading this. I am breathless and completely numb right now..


  10. Such arrogance and cruelty should be punished


  11. This is shameful and I'm disgusted to know about the atrocities she suffered…Thank you so much for bringing this to notice!!


  12. This is so disgusting that i am struggling for words to describe it! These policemen should be hanged by their balls! i feel numbed n sickened…


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