The Durga Nagpal Case.Is Honesty A Deal Breaker?

“Beta yeh India hai.Yahan tum system ko nahin, system tumhe badalta hai”. To my sad shock and surprise, my pessimistic uncle’s words ring true today, in light of the absolute nonsensical suspension of 2010 IAS Officer from the UP Cadre, Dugra Shakti Nagpal. This post is an attempt to file my, and by extension, a wide standing view of displeasure against the decision. However before I enter into my opinion, I would like to present the facts of the situation.
Durga Shakti Nagpal, a 2010 IAS Officer from the UP Cadre who was a Sub District Magistrate(SDM) in Ghaziabad
She was suspended for allegedly demolishing an illegal mosque wall as she “lacked foresight and disturbed communal harmony” and suspending her was because of “administrative compulsion to ease communal tension”(As expressed by Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav)
This suspension is a clear act of revenge based tit-for-tat. Durga, in accordance to the UP government’s orders, was trying to stop the illegal sand mafia in her district. Fed up by her meddling in a near 500 Crore business/scam, certain mafia members with political connections are rumoured to have engineered this entire suspension

In a modern day India, where the dream to change the country for the better is finding nearly no takers, the sad incident of Durga Nagpal’s suspension acts as a disastrous deterrent.
All reports indicate that Durga Nagpal only stuck to the law and the rule book. She in actuality, never issued any demolition orders. After her inquiry found the wall to be illegal, it was the locals themselves who pulled down the wall. However, somehow the spark lit the haystack, and the corrupt politicians have found a shoulder to fire their gun from.
However, it’s time that we don’t let this die. In such dire times, the nation needs to stand up for what’s right and by a direct relation, for Durga. Let’s stand up and show the country that the youth supports and backs honesty, integrity, service to the nation and above all, we shall always choose loyalty and love for the country over nonsensical corrupt political manoeuvres.

Go mad on Facebook. Tweet about it.Write Blogs.Do whatever you can. Remember, each drop forms the ocean and it shall never be an ocean, behest of that single drop.
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