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Jab Mein Chota Baccha Tha

From being an active blogger to a still-in-the-closet-poet, A MUNing addict to the biggest Bollywood junkie. You name it, and trust me, I’ve dabbled in it. Being a science student who decided to give it all up for the one calling – being an international lawyer, my life has gained absurdities that I simply love. Getting to know everything there is to know about programming, blogging about the most current political issues, writing a book (come on, you know all of y’all have tried it at some point),mastering the art of watching football to name a few.

#LikeABoss At A Conference

Quoting Barney Stinson and at the same time blabbering random thoughts by Swami Vivekananda (yes, they’re both the best philosophers – tied at first place!) is something which I’m known for. A recent Beatles fan and an always Shaan worshipper, this fanatic is a complete North Indian in love with Mumbai, a huge foodie but thinner and taller than a pole. A crazy Harry potter fan and in love with Emma Watson, I’ve read every classic there is, out there and loved them but still the simplicity of books like “The Zoya Factor” is what inspires me to write! (Which guy isn’t in love with Anuja Chauhan?).A rudimentary photographer and a reiki practitioner. With that, I conclude this rambling

In Deep Contemplation

I’m frenetic about life even the stuff I haven’t come across yet. Experiences are something that I got to serve and some, just random.
I have some views about the way things are brought to us, and like voicing it out. (Maybe they are too ‘out-there’, my views) I believe in the saying ‘ The Pen Is Mightier than the Knife’ (not trying to sound rebellious or a pompous nerd). I judge. (So do all of you)
I bring out stuff (totally random sometimes) what every fellow my age has at least thought of that also includes the ones past my age.


Sometimes when you have so much happening in your lives, all you need is break and write about it. This is what this blog is about.

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