I’ll Be There For You, ‘Coz You’re There For Me Too

I'll Be There For You, 'Coz You're There For Me Too
Remember that one childhood friend who knows you inside out? Yes, the one whom you just thought of when you read that sentence. The one whom you will share this blog post with, the one whom you’ll call after reading this. So I guess by now you have a fairly decent idea about who I am talking about. All of us have that one person, that one friend, that one best friend who is simply your life line. Distance, time, space, place, location, nothing matters with them. You can rely on them whenever you want to, regardless of what it has been. You must be wondering why I am rambling and you are right in wondering so. Let me tell you why.

I'll Be There For You, 'Coz You're There For Me Too
We seek closeness.That’s an universal fact.No one can deny that.It’s simply who we are and what we need.Be whatever,or whoever you may attempt to be,that familiarity,that proximity,that bond,everyone wants that. This coupled with the fact that nothing is more pleasing than finding someone who functions exactly like you. Same thoughts, same outlook in life, same quirks, same likes, same dislikes, same everything. No, don’t mistake it for a relationship between lovebirds. It is something much more intense, deep, lasting and permanent. You can call her at 3 in the night and rant about your troubles. She can wake you up and complain about how her parents are irritating her. Together you may sing songs at the top of your voice on a roof at midnight. The list is endless, and always shall be. But the best part is, there is never a shred of awkwardness between the two of you. You may be boiling Pepsi in a kettle(for the record, BAD IDEA) and simply laugh when it blows up. You maybe cracking sad jokes at the last bench of class. It can even be discussing certain anatomical dimensions for an hour over the phone at seven in the morning on a Sunday right after she wakes you up because she just got done with her memorial submission and was bored. It could be you calling her up after doing something crazy, right when she’s about to sleep, and keep her up, because you can.
Ok so my rambling still doesn’t make sense but the point I have to make is that the feelings you have for that person are simply beyond words. If asked to, I doubt anyone can put down those feelings in a sentence of finite words. The feeling is inexpressible. It’s just there and something which you cherish forever. So cheers to everyone of us, and to all of our best friends, our chuddy buddies, our confidants, our lives, our everything. “Simple hai. Kisi ke saath waqt bitane se sab theek ho jaata hai”.

Go ahead. Share this with your best friend. Try expressing what you never have, it’s worth a shot.


Bye Bye Bombay

This is not an ode to the city I love, neither is this a farewell letter. Before you read further, let me tell you, I’m now into my last week in Mumbai. Well, at least for the next 5 years, I’ll be living in Delhi to study law. I don’t know why I am writing this. Hell I don’t know what this is. Take it as my rambling if thy shalt will.

It’s a funny feeling. Moving. The verb, the word but mostly the feeling. It’s not just that you’ll be leaving behind a life that you’ve carefully built. But you’ll be leaving it behind for something new, something unfamiliar.18 years of my life, my friends, my love, my city, and my way of living, everything, gone. It’s a huge thing because of many reasons. In life, we never realise it, but it is always what that is around us builds us. Bombay, the city I was born in, the city I lived my childhood in, the city I hit teenage in, the city in which I turned 18,the city that was always my solace, the city that taught me life, the city that punished me, the city that nurtured me. Bombay was always there for me. I’ll specially miss sitting by Marine Drive or Worli Seaface,enjoying my timeout from life, staring blankly at the sea. If you haven’t already done that, do it. Just for a few minutes. Stare into the vastness and the far far away expanse. Think of nothing. Just stare. I proudly say that the city always was my first love. Today, with just a few days left before my flight to Delhi, I have no words to say to it. There is so much to do, so much to say, yet no time. I feel like I’m being torn away from it, piece by piece. A few days ago, I saw this picture which put my turbulence in words.

Mumbai is a city. Bombay is an emotion.

It is true folks. I’m leaving Mumbai but the Bombay shall always be in me, and right now, it is bubbling up via this post, and I am unabashed when I say I don’t want to bottle it up.

People always yearn for security. That’s the entire point of our life. To lead a secure life. For a just emancipated adult, my parents were my umbrella, my armour and my everything. I remember those tiny fleeting moments when they were there for me. Trust me; they are the ones you remember and not the major ones. In Delhi, I’ll be alone. Yes, we live in the 21st century, so we have phones, SMSes, BBM, Whatsapp, e-mails, letters, Skype and all those other mediums which reduce the distance between people. But the problem is that they can never remove the distance, only reduce it. However close I may feel, the brutal cold truth would be that I am thousands of kilometres away in Delhi while they’ll be in Mumbai, and not with me physically. That’s just something I’ll have to deal with, accept and move on.

Friends. Dost. The word rings like a hollow bell. They complete you. Always do. Suddenly, they won’t be a phone call away. I won’t be running into them at Kandivali station. No sir .I admit I have never been the friend I could have been, but they have and that makes all the difference in the world. Honestly I’m scared. What happens from here? Where does life take us? We still stay the same way? Things change? Ugh, this is mind numbing. It has always been this way; we have always been a call away. Not anymore. I won’t be able to give them a call and pop over to their place. They won’t be able to give me a call and meet me at the McDonald’s near Andheri and Kandivali stations(which they know are my second favourite place in the world to meet, after the stations themselves). We might drift apart, partly because of me, partly because of them. I’ll make new friends and they’ll make new ones as well. But all I hope for is a status quo. No change. Stability is nice

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sum up all the emotions I’m feeling in one post and relax, I don’t intend to write a second post on this. All I wanted to do was put my emotions and rather on a broader outlook, almost every Mumbaikar who is leaving Bombay ‘s feelings into a post, because I understand how hard it is to articulate them.

The heart is a fickle thing and it hates change. But at the end of the day, the clock ticks on, the date changes, the world sleeps and awakes anew, and so shall I, with a hope, and only that hope to lead me on.

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Don’t Let The Weight Of The Books Pull You Down

If you’re a seventeen year old Indian and are reading this, you along with me and lakhs of other students across the subcontinent are trying to while away time during one of the most critical period of our academic lives, our BOARDS.

I won’t even bother explaining the huge idiotic importance given to them in our educational system but I’ll tell you why I wrote this post. A friend of mine wanted a pep talk to get her board preparation on track. Mind you, my own study schedule is down in the dumps (evidence- me writing this blog post instead of studying) yet I decided to kill two birds with one stone and inspire her, as well as myself. Here’s the entire conversation
 XYZ: You can’t until you’re 18?
 Me: Yes…it was a joke on your status -. –
 Me: Oh womaniya #facepalm
 XYZ: Annoying song hai
 Me: Toh aap pagal hain
 XYZ: 😀
 Me: Itni khushi?
 XYZ: Lol
 Me: Paglu
 XYZ: I need a pep talk
 XYZ: For studying
 Me: In a moment
 Me: Okay hear up
You remember the story Ted told Robin when he failed to set up a successful architecture firm? If not I’ll tell it to you again. Once there was an architect who was asked to design a library. He built a magnificent, beautiful library with elegant crafting and meticulously designed beauty. But once it was done, the building started shifting into the ground a little everyday until one day it collapsed. The guy had failed to account for the weight of the books.
Our life, right now, stands at the same precipice where the architect’s design stood before being constructed. Like the guy, we have plans to build the most awesome, kickass library like life for ourselves but it is at this crucial time that we should not fail to take into account the weight of the books. Our boards may seem dull, and essentially symbolic. But they are a stamp that’ll last all our life. It’s not that they matter a lot. Au contraire, they matter a very tiny bit. But do what you may, you can’t change the fact that they do matter. So it’s time we rework our design and add the weight of the books, one by one, however long it may take and then build our building. Someday in the future, when you add thousands of more books, you’ll be confident enough to proudly say with a grin on your face “This building ain’t gonna fall”
Friends, I know all of us have grumbled throughout the year, procrastinated everything, laughed at the professors constant monotonous “STUDY” warnings, but the moment of truth is upon us. The fear is setting in and we are waking up to a pile load of books, waiting to be understood. It’s time we hit the books, just for this one last piece of high school (or junior college) drama and win this.
To sum it up,

Kripya apne Laptop ko band Karen aur Textbooks ko padhna shuru Karen.The Standing Coin padhne ke liye dhanyavad.Aasha hai aapki aankhon ka safar aaram dayak raha hoga aur aap humare blog ko phir padenge.

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School Memories

Again, a small piece I wrote for my friend’s college magazine

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
I guess it shall suffice to say that Robert Frost’s woods were the modern equivalent of my school to me. Astonishingly, when I think of it, none of my memories from school have a reason attached to them. Pondering over it, I realized this: School memories are just a simple memoir of the gleeful time I spent with people I loved, love and shall love. I remember the first time I realized that I really miss school. Just a few days after my board examinations, I woke up one morning, and unconsciously started getting ready for school. It was when I reached my cupboard and found my uniform missing that I realized that my life has now changed.

Interestingly, the phrase “school memories” brings back an overwhelming number of passing moments like a flash of lightning. As I look back, I laugh at our non coherent hate for school life and our continuously dreams of finally “growing up”. But today, nearly a year after school has ended; I came to realize that adults were actually right. We never fully appreciated what we had during our school life and unfortunately it’s too late now. To this day, when I sit by the window sill with a cup of coffee in my hand, gazing at into the horizon, I just have one thought in my mind.
” I would do literally anything to have just one more day of school again. A blunt gala of six hours where me and my friends, in our school uniform, listening to the teacher while laughing at her at the same time, fighting for the last bits of “pao bhaji” that we bought from the canteen at Rs.2 per head”

Ah, the bliss! Who says heaven doesn’t exist? I had the privilege of spending 10 years there and if I could, I would live it all over again. Modifying my favourite line from Khaled Hosseni’s The Kite Runner, “For SCHOOL, a thousand times over”

School Memories

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Debugging Life

Exemplary problems are always a part of someone’s lives. never will you find a person devoid of a problem(and if by an odd chance you find one, the person will be devoid him/herself).at many crossroads of life, we find ourselves in situations when some of those slow beats wale Bollywood tracks play in the background and those cryptic lyrics make sense. That’s the time when we need to debug our life.

Life is an extraordinary fairy tale with its own twists and turns which may lead us to the beautiful wide windows of happiness or to the gallows of sadness and depression. We may be dipped into the hot scalding oils of anger and invariable revenge but we may also be thrown into the limitless sky of unyielding joy. Still, there are numerous times when we feel ki kaash life was like an iPod; bundled with its own play, pause, fast forward and rewind buttons. Just a small of any of them could control time, where in everything was in our hands and still under control. But unfortunately this concept shall always remain a fantasy (unless Dr. Sheldon Cooper succeeds).

So at such unpredictable moments, what do we do? Do we give up and lose hope? no we stand up, throw a few punches at life and say,” you can’t beat me punk!” I know it is easy to say so and damn tough to apply and follow. Recently I myself went throw one of such moments and I admitted defeat. But as I recover, I have learnt the importance of being in control of ourselves. A simple mantra to do this was once told to me by a friend and later on by my parents. It goes like this: “In life, you will always come across a number of hurdles which will deter your vision of your goal; but don’t lose hope and carry on with your life because your manzil will not be as far from you as it seems.” And believe me when I say, achieving that one dream which you have always pined for is worth the entire wait and hurdles in the world.

Coming back to the topic at hand, each one of us has our own debugging method. Some write, some sit and think, some tune into music and some sleep. I personally love to sit by my favourite window with my favourite music playing on my iPod. But whatever your method maybe, always keeps in mind the biggest secret of this universe; “Life in itself is a unique gift; but getting to play with your gift in the human form is the ultimate souvenir. Cherish your passions, enjoy your time and of course believe in everything and everything will believe in you.

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Dil Dosti Fullstop

Everyone has a different definition of a friend. Although we don’t have a specific guideline as to what or who a dost should be, nevertheless we always end up around a bunch of people who you don’t know why but you just love being around.

To me, dost is someone around whom I don’t have to think before I open my mouth. Regardless of the friend’s gender, caste or background I can openly speak my mind without thinking of the consequences. I have female friends with whom I can openly talk about a hot actress, Muslim friends with whom I openly tease on the basis of their religious preferences and of course people from specific castes with idiosyncratic habits. Many may feel that this is extreme or vague but I believe that my friend knows that I do not mean any real harm and I always speak whatever I want to.

Although we meet up with several people over our lifetime, not all of them are your friends (even though you may label them so).A friend is someone who is far more special and irreplaceable. Say, a friend is someone who trusts you even when you are not trustworthy, someone who always is positive about you and someone who echoes your sentiments. In spite of the picture painted by modern society, friends are those who curse the professor who failed you in his/her paper before asking you to study for the re-examination.

The springing up of social networks has somewhat weakened and strengthened the bond which friends share. Confused? Well, in case of friends who grew up and bonded way before the advent of social networking, websites like Twitter and Facebook has enabled them to grow more interpersonal and close(I mean it’s great to know what weird pose your bestie can make or how your closest friend loves watching Gossip Girl(Yes She Does!)) . But, if you consider the cases of those who were registered on these websites as a part of a social trend, I believe social networks have caused a lot of trouble. Cases of suicides and squabbles over not liking of posts or photos etc. have become almost routine news for everyone of us.

However, woh kaisa ya kaisi bhi ho, a friend will never deny you. Technology continues to sew us into a tightly knit blanket and just like the warm, snuggly blanket, your freinds and you form a unbreakable and lovable universe, which although may be plauged by it’s own highs and lows,or may seem disintegrated in a series of misunderstandings.But,know this: No matter how high or how powerfully you throw a ball upwards,it always returns to you.The same way, no matter how much fight or argue, sale ghoom ke apne paas he aayenge.

This was a post to all my friends, the true ones.

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