Why Does The Sun Rise In The East?

A trivial, baseless, inconsequential but ironically deep question jokingly posed by my Physics professor got my head cracking. Questions like “ Why is the earth round?” or “Why is the sky blue?” or” If energy is the creator, who created energy?” started popping, which when considered realistically, are simple paradoxical questions.
God v/s Science
The scientist (okay, the scientific part in me) shouted the answers as I knew them; Oblique terms like earth’s rotation, scattering of light etc. buzzed and I inconsequentially concluded that perhaps, science does have all the answers. A sudden drone dragged my attention back to class and I forgot this minor intrusion and immersed myself in some mind numbing calculus with its exhaustive derivatives and integrations.
However, my interest was piqued again in the next lecture itself as the Chemistry professor passionately spoke about atoms and how they are the basis of everything, and in their own sense, pretty much anything. As he droned on, I drifted into a mental debate. “If atom is the basis of everything, who created the first atom? Why is this bugging me so much?” I was immensely irritated by these Q&As which just bewildered me more.  If Einstein was right (which he nearly almost is), and God really didn’t play dice with the universe, why are we, after billions of years, still unable to decode the mystic code which he used? If it is simple, then are we incapable, and if it’s complex, then we are incapable.
Religion or Science
History is proof that science has always challenged religion while religion has always answered it( though not always convincingly).  Today, using equipments like the Large Hadron Collider and ultra microscopes along with sophisticated mathematical formulae and techniques, Science has uncovered the so called “Time Zero + .00001 Second” activities of our universe, but has failed miserably to even remotely theorise the Time Zero or Pre Time Zero events which religion heralds as proof of God’s existence. Science on the other hand raises the question as to if God created the universe, who created God? (This is a question which flummoxes even Religious scholars because you may be a believer or even an atheist but you would never deny the fact that nothing “Just Exists” or “Just Happens”. We are a thinking species and reason is what drives us)
Many people fight over the fact that Science and Religion can be one if both acknowledge this : “Energy is God. Some Energy just simply existed which did literally everything”. I however find this argument useless and ridiculously baseless. Science advocates that whatever activity created the universe or anything that happens (including the rising of the sun in the east) is governed by certain laws and happens due to precise conditions. Religion on the other hand says that a certain entity exists which runs and carries out its activities with a zeal, passion and emotion which is nearly human like in nature.
Cutting right to the chase, my point is that, some questions have literally leaded us into loopholes, black holes and any other hole imaginable. We grabbed on to a thread and followed it to realise that we reached where we started. Sounding pessimistic as well as optimistic when I say this, I believe that it is eminent that these questions shall be answered. Honestly, I did not write this piece to support either side or to come up with an answer or theory. I just wanted to emphasise that as a race or a civilization claiming to be “Super Advanced”, we still can’t answer the questions which we really want the answer to. For e.g.  At some point or the other, a child might have asked you one such question and we would have deflated it. This kid when he grows up, shall be able to quote the speed of light in vacuum up to 11 digits, but still won’t be able to answer the question, “Why Does The Sun Rise In The East?”

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Festivals; The Holes In Religious Fanaticism

This Christmas eve, I sat behind my laptop pondering over what could be a better way of passing time: Facebook or studies, when suddenly a thought comes to me which has bloomed into this blog.

Over the years we all have some how or the other seen religious discrimination or fanaticism. may it be in an open form( Wayward Hindu-Muslim jokes, Pope-Priest jokes or actual civil wars or fights where in people are hell bent on murder) or in behind-the-doors, closed whispers( woh Hindu hai usse dhoor raho OR yeh christans aise hee hotee hain). But still we(the current generation) has brought about a silent revolution which is unspoken and unconscious, but runs deep and affects all of us.

National Integrity

This effect is that of religious indifference. Despite of our religious prefrences or practicses(which have been ingrained into us from birth.), we still are a single bunch, a single youth that is not divisible by ambigous borders like religon becasue we are intelligent enough to recognise that at the end of the day we are all one and there is only one God who is common to all of us but we are diffrent just because of our ways to approach him/her.Confused?Let me explain with a story Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa(Swami Vivekananda’s Guru) told his disciples. he said that once there used to be a huge tank in the middle of a field. Everyday, a muslim man used to draw some water from it and called it pani. A hindu priest withdrew the same water and called it Jal and when a christan woman would do the same and name it water. But in essence of the subsstance, the immutable quantitiy or mass or water or jal or pani  or whatever you call it, remains the same. In the same manner, whatever you name the omnipotent force, it remains the same. So it boils down to this: Billions of people fight with each other over the fact that whose NAME is right?

Also proof that we are way above such nonsense and the inspiration behind this blog is Christmas itself or any other festival for that matter. How often we have seen a christan boy burn phooljadis or burst crackers on the Hindu Festival Of Diwali or a Hindu girl having kheer at Ramzan at her Rakhi brother’s house or a Muslim family attending Church on Christmas eve to be a part of the midnight mass? These occurences are not coincidence but rather proof that unity does not need to be forced upon us but it is infact already becoming an innate attribute of our nature.

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