The Despair Of Helplessness

The Patriot’s Day Marathon in Boston ironically martyred 3 more people and injured hundreds Less than 24 hours later, a 7.8 Richter scale magnitude earthquake hit the Iranian city of Zahedan, killing more than 40 people and again injuring hundreds of people.
Earthquake in Iran on 16th April 2013
This post is not to blame anyone or any organisation. Neither it is to preach a lesson of peace for the simple reason that I’m sure, both the parties responsible i.e. Mother Earth and those ghastly insurgents or non-state actors who bombed the Marathon would not be reading this post. Rather this post is a simple cry of anguish, an echo of sorrow and a reflection of pain at my simple inability to do anything about this situation.

Take a moment to think about it. 43 people just died for absolutely no fault of theirs. They could have been fathers, inspiring their children with patriotism or simple men working to earn bits of their livelihood, awaiting nothing but the trip back home, back to their family. Some children will never see their mothers again and some mothers won’t see their children again.  Imagine an average person with an average person’s dreams and aspirations. All gone; crushed, if you will. The car he had been saving up for all his life will never be parked in his garage. The engagement she was celebrating will never turn into a marriage. The smile on the child’s face will never return as the cruel game of death destroyed his face.

Bomb Blast at Boston Marathon on 16th April 2013
I ask myself why, why did this happen? I’m unable to answer my question. Some crackpots believed that they will achieve their motives by blowing up people whose singular crime was to be present at that spot, at that moment.  Ignoring the terrorist act, I find myself flummoxed even more. If vengeance or twisted motives were to be blamed in the first case, whom or what do I blame for the Earthquake in Iran? The tectonic plates?  Natural processes?  The answer is not to be found. No one can reasonably explain this destructive event.
I may not be making sense but I sideline this due to my grief. Helplessness is a situation every human being hates, and being put in that situation, is deranged. Today, every person on this planet is feeling helpless. But at the end of the day, we have to move on. We can help them, rehabilitate them and do hundreds of things for them.  I end by quoting a track which has always lead me on in life, Across The Universe by The Beatles

Sounds of laughter, shades of life
Are ringing through my opened ears
Inciting and inviting me.
Limitless undying love, which
Shines around me like a million suns,
It calls me on and on across the universe

Jai Guru Deva.
Jai Guru Deva.
Jai Guru Deva.
Nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world Javascript Disabled

Sacred Sorcery

This is a guest post by Paloma Sharma.She’s one of the most wittiest,sarcastic,political and satire loving blogger I’ve ever met.She’s one hell of a writer and blogs at her own blog Going Bananas(LINK)(LINK TO THIS POST). Also,here’s her Twitter handle @PalomaSharma(

Ensnared am I
By the midnight locks,
Tangled in their luminous darkness,
And tighter and tighter
When they close around my neck,
That is when I truly breathe.

Appalled am I,
Filled with aching wonderment,
Of such cruelty disguised
Under honey colored eyes,
And their heartless enchantment
Leaves me to fend for myself.

“Do not mock me so!”
“Do not plague me so!”
Unheard, vexed and tantalized
This slovenly wordsmith must realize,
That you are the idea,
That I am enslaved to.

Colorless, the world is,
Its naïviety is surprising,
It has turned dull and repulsive
Out of jealous despair,
That it couldn’t compare
To you.

What might you be?
An incubus? A dream?
A product of sacred sorcery
Arisen from ash and rosary?
This infidel’s sanctity
Lies below your pedestal.

Who am I
To malign your halo
And liken your name
To that which is wordly and cheap?
Yet, the fault is not mine,
It is you who remains peerless.

“Do not possess me so!”
So ruthlessly do not mesmerize,
The mightier you are, the smaller am I –
An illusion spawned by my mind,
So I cut loose to salvage my pride,
My actions, so futile.

Lost am I,
Bound by the leash of my ego,
Seeking separation from my source,
But where am I to go?
How do I remove me from your entirety?
Alas! I am imprisoned.

Yet, nothing contains you,
Nothing controls you,
Nothing else liberates me,
Be kind
Have mercy
Do not undo my bonds.

That light you are,
That blazing glory at the other end
Of the dark tunnel I’m running in,
This unending black passage,
Perhaps I will never cross it,
Perhaps I will never burn in the flame.

Yet, I run,
I try,
Desperate to make it
At the cost of everything.

I kneel,
I bow,
I submit, I submit, I submit. Javascript Disabled

The Sunset Of Daybreak

A poem about how life has its own oddities,twists and turns. It’s rare to observe and feel these nooks and crannies.

The crack of light reflects,
In a mirror of fine make
Perhaps it’s a play,
Or something my thoughts deflect
Because all I see is the Sunset Of Daybreak

The moon shines red
Or is it an illusion fake?
Perhaps it’s the time of the dead,
Because all I see is the Sunset of Daybreak

Drowsy as fresh dew,
Time is all I take.
Moments such as these happen few,
But, with thoughts new in life sinew,
All I see is the Sunset of Daybreak Javascript Disabled

Meri Aankhon Se Dekho a.k.a. Perspective

“The Himalayas are to the north”. This statement is a perfectly correct statement to anyone living to the south of the World’s highest mountain range. But, it is equally baffling for a Russian or a Chinese. Vice-versa if it reads “The Himalayas are to the south”. Is either of the parties wrong? No, the answer is that Perspective is the winner.
Meri Aankhon Se Dekho a.k.a. Perspective
The clichéd story about how a man without slippers stops whining when he meets a man with amputated legs is pretty common. I agree that it’s extremely idealistic of me to preach the “Step into someone else’s shoes” philosophy and I don’t advocate it. All I wish to point out is that any situation we face is simply defeat able by perspective. I personally learned this myslf, passing through some very idiosyncratic phases which were in consideration, serious but not as much as I considered them to be. What I learnt is that everything and anything requires time which under a veil is simply nothing but perspective. A passé Bollywood song had the lyric
“Karlo jo bhi karna hai
Hota hai jo hona hai
Guzara jo pal yeh fhir na aayega….
Kya bura hai kya bhala hai?
Waqt hi shayad khuda hai
Ho jane do phir,dekha jayega….”
This in a sense brings out the view point based on the extensive varsity and length of time. I remember my friend telling me (when I had done really badly in an exam), with an extremely annoyed look, “Dude, in your life you live for 6 Lakh hours; and you are sad because you messed up for three of them? Really?”. The bullet remains that sometimes, it’s just a new angle or a change in POV is all we need to resume our erstwhile depleting life.
Another example too stems from the phases I mentioned earlier. In a typical Indian drama, I was counselled by numerous family members, career counsellors and believe it or not, a psychiatrist. Here in, one of my uncles made a brilliant point which is relevant here ( Fair bit of warning though, he was from an engineering background so kindly ignore the geekiness behind it). He said that life is like a Sine graph. You go up and then you go down and then up again. However, it is important to realise that when you are at the downward/negative amplitude( i.e. at the worst possible moment), you just have to keep hope that everything is going to be great because from that moment onwards, your life graph is just going to rise.
So, sometimes, life is all about perspective (or the Hindi colloquial “Nazaariya”). To sum up this rather optimistically driven post, I quote myself (rather uncanny of me to actually even come up with one), “Life in itself is a unique gift; but getting to play with your gift in the human form is the ultimate souvenir. Cherish your passions, enjoy your time and of course believe in everything and everything will believe in you.” Javascript Disabled

The Impish Grin Of Nature

I lay on my bed staring out of the window, not being able to sleep even a wink. Suddenly, I noticed a peculiar shape in the sky. Thinking it was a trick my temporarily insomniac mind was playing on me, I glanced at the clock which read 2:57. I woke myself up properly (Believe me when I say Thumbs Up wakes you up in wondrous ways) anyway the shape that woke me up was the shape formed by the stars to imitate the impish grin of a super happy child. Suddenly I knew why and what it was. Let me tell you.

Have we ever regarded nature as an omnipresent force that is very much alive within this universe and in fact among us too? Why is it that when we see the perfect view of a pretty horizon where the crispy blue sky merges with the orange-red hued tint of the sun rising or setting and forming perfection? Why a scenic view of lush green hills with crystal clear waterfalls tumbling down with force affects us so much?

Sorry to sound poetic but the truth is even though only a few of us truly appreciate nature’s gifts, in reality all of us do. Why does a dull, cloudy weather affect us so negatively? Why does the splatter of raindrops on the lush green grass bubble out the hidden enthusiasm in us? The answer to all this simple: our indirect, subtle yet powerful appreciation and love for nature or for anything natural.

People claim to be healed by revelling in their daily nature walks along promenades or parks in the wistful joy of nature. I personally feel inspired to write when I sit near the sea on a crystal clear day with perfect weather but on the other hand I get intolerable migraines when the weather is the gray shade between sunny, cloudy and gray itself. Although this is just a personal perspective, but respecting everyone’s individualism has taught me that there is a great possibility that many of you have had similar experiences, similar enthusiasm and a similar sense of euphoria I experienced. As, I end this article, I ponder over the fact that what made me write about such stuff at 3 in the night? Was it me or that omnipresent force?
The Impish Grin Of Nature
The Impish Grin Of Nature Javascript Disabled