F?@K Knows! By Shailendra Singh -A Book Review

F?@K Knows! By Shailendra Singh -A Book Review
All of us are basically screwed in life. We’ve lost touch with the little joys that should make us happy and instead have moulded into a blob with sadness and despair. Think back to the time when you were really happy. 99% of you would just have thought of a moment which was not the last one. Why is it that we find more sadness than exhilaration in all aspects of our life. F?@K Knows!
F?@K Knows! By Shailendra Singh -A Book ReviewThis 234 paged novel is Shailendra Singh’s first novel.  Before we dwell onto why this book is as awesome as its title, a word about the author and why he is certified to chipkao you with the gyaan that he does. SS is the co-founder and joint managing director of Percept Limited, India’s largest and only entertainment, media and communications conglomerate. Now before you dismiss him as another corporate douche, here’s the cool part. He’s the inceptor of Sunburn. So the amazing festival which you all enjoy is founded by this guy. So all in all, yeh jo bole sonihal ! He wrote this book after a bunch of unfortunate incidents which changed him and his life!
F?@K Knows is an amazing book which does what all of us really need in our lives. It makes you stop, tells you how messed up you are, tells you how you can fix it and helps you mend yourself. Mind you it’s not one of those thousands of self-help books you find lying around at the book store with fancy titles like “Unleash your hidden talents with the power of your min!” NO. Au contraire, to my delight, this book is a nice little slap to what I call the Deepak Chopra wagon for whom self help is nothing but the mumbo-jumbo of spirituality and philosophy.
Shailendra SinghI liked this book because of its fresh approach. Never while reading the book you feel as if you’re trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code. In fact it seems as smooth and easy as talking to a friend! That is what forms the book’s forte. SS recognises the potent power of direct cut-the-bull-shit narration and has given a mantra to each reader to inspire every individual. The best example I found, “Don’t say Just Do It. Just Done It is the new cool mantra!”
Another great part about the book is the multiple real life examples and the well-regaled stories of the lore. Home spun stories, personal heart to heart narration and completely fair as well as logically detailed theories such Chi F?@K and the F?@K It List makes the book the biggest inspiration for anyone who wishes to take a break, pause their lives, think it over and give it a new turn.
To sum it up, I quote the book itself
You will read, but not understand.
You will understand, but not do.
You will do, but not understand what you did.
Does it make a difference?
F?@K Knows!”
Like: Easy to read, No Bull Shit, Logical, Well thought out
Dislike:  Nothing
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The Sunset Of Daybreak

A poem about how life has its own oddities,twists and turns. It’s rare to observe and feel these nooks and crannies.

The crack of light reflects,
In a mirror of fine make
Perhaps it’s a play,
Or something my thoughts deflect
Because all I see is the Sunset Of Daybreak

The moon shines red
Or is it an illusion fake?
Perhaps it’s the time of the dead,
Because all I see is the Sunset of Daybreak

Drowsy as fresh dew,
Time is all I take.
Moments such as these happen few,
But, with thoughts new in life sinew,
All I see is the Sunset of Daybreak

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